Energy Permanent Monitoring Panel

2011 Plenary Sessions


I. Global Nuclear Energy Issues After Fukushima

Chair: A. Zichichi | Co-chair: W. Fulkerson

• Prof. Tetsuo Yuhara, University of Tokyo and Canon Institute for Global Studies, Japan

"The Fukushima Dai-ichi Severe Accident and the Direction for Nuclear Power and Energy Mix

Against Global Warming" [Presentation]

• Dr. Thomas B. Cochran, Natural Resources Defense Council, USA

"Global Implications of the Fukushima Disaster for Nuclear Power" [Presentation]

•Dr. Adnan Shihab-Eldin, Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, Kuwait

"Outlook for Nuclear Power in the Middle East following Fukushima" [Presentation]

• Prof. Zhou Dadi, Vice Chairman of China National Energy Policy Advisor Committee, China

"Nuclear Power in China" [Presentation]

• Dr. Jung-Uck Seo, Frm. Miniter of Science and Technology, President Emeritus of IEEK, Republic of Korea

"Nuclear Power Plants in South Korea" [Presentation]

• Dr. Lowell Wood, Hoover Institution, Stanford University and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA

"Toward Manifestly Safe Nuclear Power" [Presentation]

II. Unconventional Natural Gas Development: Benefits and Risks*

Chair: A. Zichichi | Co-chair: C. Difiglio, L. Everett

• Dr. Carmine Difiglio, Office of Policy and International Affairs, Department of Energy, USA

"World-wide Unconventional Gas Potential: Energy Security and GHG Emissions" [Presentation]

• Dr. Bruce Stram, Element Markets, Houston, USA

"Outlook for Natural Gas" [Presentation]

• Dr. Thomas Ballestero, University of New Hampshire, USA

"Environmental Impacts of Unconventional Natural Gas Development" [Presentation]

* Co-sponsored with Pollution PMP

III. Energy Efficiency

Chair: A. Zichichi | Co-chair: H. Khatib

• Dr. Hisham Khatib, Honorary Vice Chair - Jordan Member Committee World Energy Council, Jordan

"Energy Efficiency in Industry, Buildings and Power Generation" [Presentation]

• Prof. Michael Jefferson, Centre for International Business and Sustainability, London Business School, UK

"Energy Efficiency and Sustainability" [Presentation]

• Dr. David Greene, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

"The Outlook for Energy Efficiency in Transportation" [Presentation]