Energy Permanent Monitoring Panel

2013 Plenary Sessions

I. Nuclear Power Safety and Development

Chair: A. Zichichi   Co-Chair: Lady Barbara Judge

* Lady Barbara Thomas Judge, Chairman Emeritus of the UK Atomic Energy Authority

  "Establishing a Culture of Safety" [Presentation]

• Dr. Richard Garwin, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, USA

  "What Went Right: Resilience of Existing Reactors to Catastophes: Lessons for Generation III+ Reactor
  Design" [Presentation]

• Professor Tatsuo Masuda, Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Graduate School, Japan
  "Post-Fukushima Energy and Nuclear Policy Evolution in Japan" [Presentation]

* Dr. Lake Barrett, L. Barrett Consulting, LLC; Former Deputy Director / U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Civilian
  Radioactive Waste Management, USA
  "Cleaning Up a Damaged Nuclear Reactor Site" [Presentation]
* Dr.Charles McCombie, Arius Association, Switzerland
  "Effects on Global Nuclear Development" [Presentation]

• Dr. Robert Petroski,  TerraPower LLC, USA and Dr. Lowell L. Wood, Hoover Institution, Stanford
  University, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA

  "Ship-based Nuclear Energy Systems for Accelerating Developing World Socioeconomic Advance" [Presentation]

II. Energy - Key to the Evolution of Cities

Chair: A. Zichichi   Co-Chair: Anil Razdan

• Dr. Robert Schock, Center for Global Security Research, USA

  "Review of Progress to Date" [Presentation] 

• Professor Adilson Motter, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Northwestern University, USA

  "Scalable Approaches to Control Network Dynamics" [Presentation]

• Dr. Anil Razdan, Office of Principal Scientific Advisor, Government of India

  "Intelligent Grids and India as a Model for the Developing World" [Presentation]

• Dr. Robert Schock, Center for Global Security Research, USA

 "Interactions and Plans" [Presentation]

III Energy as a Planetary Emergency

Chair A. Zichichi | Co-Chair C. Difiglio

• Dr. Carmine Difiglio, Office of Policy and International Affairs, Department of Energy, USA

"Why Energy is and Economic Planetary Emergency" [Presentation]

• Dr. Steven Kopits, Douglas-Westwood, LLC, USA

 "World Economic Growth and Oil - A Conundrum" [Presentation]

• Dr. Adnan Shihab-Eldin, Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, Kuwait

  "World Economic Grwoth and Oil - From the Producers' Perspective" [Presentation]