Energy Permanent Monitoring Panel (PMP)

The Energy Permanent Monitoring Panel is part of the World Federation of Scientists ( and is committed to enhancing the energy sustainability of the planet. Our purpose is to monitor scientific and technical results on energy technologies and policies that affect the global economy and environment. 

Energy supply and use affects economic growth, security, pollution, climate change & leads to political tensions within and among nations. Almost 20 percent of the world’s population (1.3 billion people) still lack electricity & basic energy services, without which education, economic progress & political self-realization are barely possible.  While most OECD countries have vastly improved energy’s environmental footprint, energy production & use remain a major source of air & water pollution in many countries, severely compromising health & well-being.  The burning of fossil fuels is the primary anthropogenic contributor to increased atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations.  The Energy Permanent Monitoring Panel monitors scientific and technical advances and uses this information to contribute to the formulation of policies.
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The Panel works closely with colleagues in other PMPs (especially Climatology, Water, Pollution, Limits of Development, and Mitigation of Terrorist Acts) to develop significant study proposals for understanding Planetary Emergencies.